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Selfish driver parked outside the shops

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Selfish driver parked outside the shops

Postby Eunice on 09 Jan 2016, 16:21

I hope the very selfish man who I spoke to this morning outside the shops sees this and is ashamed of himself and his rudeness.

There was room in both car parks but that obviously wasn't near enough to Martins for him, so not only was he parked outside Martins but parked across the lowered kerb where the bollards can clearly be seen.

I have a walking stick and very politely said to him "Excuse me do you realise you have parked across the lowered kerb" to which he replied in a very well spoken voice standing next to his expensive looking car "Thank you for pointing that out to me I am well aware of it" then shouted at his daughter to get in the car and drove of at speed.

I believe in Karma so I hope he gets his just deserts.
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