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Traffic monitoring at Dukes Head

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Traffic monitoring at Dukes Head

Postby sullivj on 04 Nov 2014, 09:21

I noticed this morning that they have installed some temporary CCTV cameras to monitor each entrance onto the roundabout.

Does anyone know why?
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Re: Traffic monitoring at Dukes Head

Postby AlanB on 04 Nov 2014, 11:15

Was not notified to Worth PC or mentioned in a recent meeting with WSCC Highways. Suspect that it is a precursor to yet another development application.
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Re: Traffic monitoring at Dukes Head

Postby Dave Hook on 04 Nov 2014, 11:46

I have seen many near misses through people entering and illegally exiting the Dukes Head just as a car leaves the roundabout on to the TH Rd.
The roundabaout also gets stuffed up at peak times, partly due to many people who don't bother to signal and others who are excessively cautious in pulling out. Conversely there are those who pull out right in front of you causing urgent application of the brakes!
All in all, a badly designed and overloaded roundabout. WSCC's answer will no doubt be to install traffic lights thereby creating a permanent blockage.
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