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2 dodgy characters in village

Please post warnings of dodgy sales type activities - you know the type - bogus charity collectors, dodgy tree surgeons etc.

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2 dodgy characters in village

Postby squiffy2 on 12 Mar 2014, 10:11

Last week, my Mother In Law was sitting out the front of our house and a man approached her and said he was "Working at Number 41 ( we only have 15 houses!!) and he had noticed the path in front our house needed repair and he could do it straight away" - NB The path is Public Path NOT ours..... she of course, luckily said that I deal with all this sort of thing and he went off...

Today, a "Mr Beechwood" (appropriate) rang the bell at 8.45 to say he was working on the Weeping Willow behind our house (err no, that's a council tree, which was lopped last year) and he noticed there were some broken branches in my fir trees, and he could "deal with them" for me... I then pointed out that we had birds nesting in them and it would be illegal to disturb them, and he scuttled off............

Please make elderly neighbours aware of these individuals.
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Re: 2 dodgy characters in village

Postby EddieL on 15 Mar 2014, 12:26

And over here in Copthorne we had 2 shifty looking gents with "Watchtower mags" in their hands.

It must be spring!
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Re: 2 dodgy characters in village

Postby Ray on 19 Mar 2014, 14:03

I hear further tales of shifty looking chaps in a white van cruising around the village yesterday...
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Re: 2 dodgy characters in village

Postby Silver Fox on 25 Mar 2014, 17:40

Ray wrote:I hear further tales of shifty looking chaps in a white van cruising around the village yesterday...

What exactly would a 'shifty looking character' look like i wonder?

The fish shop in Sandy Lane has at times been 'raided' by possibly 'shifty' characters in the past, their purpose being removing barrel(s) of used cooking oil, on Tuesday last week at approx 0810 hrs their was a white van parked alongside my fence, alongside was a 'shifty' looking character looking nervous and smoking as he walked around his van, intrigued i awaited the outcome, some five mins later two fellow 'shifties' came from behind the rear of the flats where the fish shop rear entrance is, rolling a blue barrel of which the used oil is stored, then all three loaded their ill gotten gains into the van and drove off, although it was 0810 hrs i was unusually compos mentis for that time of morn to jot down the van registration number and a rough description of the 'shifties' to which was handed into the owners Carol and Tony, my reward being fish and chips on the house.......Now i'm awake all night waiting for them to return!
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