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12 Feb 2014

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12 Feb 2014

Postby EddieL on 24 Feb 2014, 14:05

Here are the panel notes for the last meeting 12 Feb 2014

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http://www.sussex.police.uk/help-centre ... eam/WM3NH4

Road Safety/Traffic Calming on B2028, Crawley Down

Issue raised on 12 Feb 2014

Dialogue with WSCC Highways and subsequent reports to the previous Panel meeting, Peter Chatfield advised that the matter was now in the hands of Worth Parish Council. Action had been delayed due to the absence of a Parish Council Clerk in recent months. Chris Phillips (a Worth Parish Councillor) reported that a new, full-time Clerk had now been appointed and the issue was being addressed urgently. A Worth Parish Council sub-committee had drawn up road safety/traffic calming proposals and would be meeting with Rob Rodes-Kubiak, WSCC Highways Officer . Separately, at a recent Worth Neighbourhood Plan meeting, proposals for an average speed camera system and for mini-roundabouts had been tabled. It was believed such measures could be funded by Section 106 money derived from the extensive new building developments in Crawley Down. In general discussion, Panel members welcomed the fact that this important issue was under control by Worth PC.

Wheelie Bin Traffic Calming Messages - Look into stickers for wheelie bins to provide an impactive effect when driving through villages.

Issue raised on 12 Feb 2014

With no response whatsoever from MSDC, it was agreed to abandon the plan for an approved, District Council-coordinated scheme. Instead, wheelie bin messaging could take place on an individual, ad hoc basis. Appropriate stickers were available from PCSO Wainwright for those who might want them.

Problem Parking in Crawley Down and Copthorne areas.

Issue raised on 12 Feb 2014

Crawley Down: It was reported that plans for a new car park outside Auchinleck Court in the village centre had been approved. With funding available, the scheme would be going ahead. Issue of problem parking resulting from the new Italian restaurant in Sandy Lane. PCSO Wainwright advised that he had spoken to the restaurant owners and said there had originally been problems but the situation had now settled down. PC Cheeseman mentioned that experience on recent night patrols raised no real concerns regarding parking. It was generally agreed that no major problem existed at the moment but the situation would be watched.

Copthorne: Peter Chatfield advised that he was in close liaison with WSCC Highways (Rob Rhodes-Kubiak) on prevailing parking problems, particularly those concerning the school area and Calluna Drive. Eddie Lord and Chris Phillips drew attention to further parking problems in Copthorne Bank at the junction with Church Road. General discussion focussed on the lack of adequate enforcement in double yellow line no parking areas by MSDC. Jonathan Pratt advised that he had approached an MSDC parking warden in East Grinstead regarding the village problems and was led to believe that special warning plates/notices were necessary for enforcement to take place*. PCSO Wainwright reported that he was in contact with the MSDC Civil Enforcement Officer (parking warden) supervisor regarding the District Councils lack of attention to village parking issues. In general discussion, Chris Phillips proposed that the solution might be for the villages to appoint and manage their own local Civil Enforcement Officers/Parking Wardens. This idea was welcomed enthusiastically by Panel members. Chris confirmed that he would take the proposal to Worth Parish Council.
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